Veeranaganas Keep Guwahati Roads Safe For Women

Highlights of Good Works done by Police During the Year, 2016

In a bid to curb the menace of vehicle/bike lifting by miscreants in the city which still go unabated despite the fact that most of the offenders have been repeatedly booked by police, a special anti-theft drive was carried out on 31/03/2016 by a team of City Police Crime Branch and officers of Guwahati East Police District which resulted in the apprehension of 4 veteran vehicle lifters. Following the drive one Revolver with 8 rounds of live ammunitions and one Glamour bike were also recovered by the team. This refers to Bhangagarh PS Case No- 46/16 U/S 364 (A) IPC.

On the fateful day of 17/03/2016, a young girl, aged about 21 yrs, who was earlier reported missing from 15.03.2016, was found dead and her body concealed in the jungle area of K.V. IOCL under Noonmati Police Station under circumstances that would send shivers down the spine of anyone who was witness to the gory scene of crime. Understandably, the public was in fury. They wanted immediate result. Soon the incident turned out to be a case of rape and gruesome murder. Losing no time, the Crime Branch along with Noonmati Police swung into action with admirable earnestness and in the course of groundbreaking investigation arrested 3 accused persons who also admitted to have committed the crime. Both Media and the Public praised police action. This refers to Noonmati PS Case No. 111/16 U/S 302/201/376 IPC.

On 25/05/2016 a team of City Police Crime Branch apprehended 2 NDFB (S) cadres both hailing from village Domoria, PS-Tamulpur, Baksa from Sivanagar hill area under Dispur Police Station. They were found to have been giving demand calls to public in the name of NDFB. This refers to Dispur Police Station Case No. 1209/16 U/S 121/121(A)/384/387 IPC R/W Sec. 10/13/17 UA (P) Act.

Based on specific input regarding movement of an NDFB cadre from Dimapur on 01/06/2016 by Brahmaputra Mail, a team of City Police Crime Branch carried out a massive manhunt and managed to apprehend the NDFB (S) cadre hailing from Vill- Amguri Rani Jura, PS-Bijni, Dist- Chirang from Paltanbazar area. Subsequently, another hardcore NDFB listed cadre of Vill-Gazerjuli, Batasipur, Dist- Sonitpur was also apprehended from Mia Basti in Dimapur which the dreaded extremist group used as their transit camp. This refers to Paltanbazar PS Case No. 452/16 U/S 121/121(A) IPC R/W Sec. 10/17/ 20 UA (P) Act.

On 02.06.16 an amount of Rs. 82, 00,000/- (Rupees Eighty Two Lakhs) only was recovered within 24 hours of reporting of looting of Rs. 1 Crore under Paltanbazar PS. In this connection, 4 accused persons, all from Dhubri were arrested. This refers to Paltanbazar PS Case No. 453/16 U/S 381 IPC.

In what came to be known as the Simon House Case a FIR was lodged on 05.06.2016 stating that one person had died in the incident of fire that apparently broke out at Simon House, Paltanbazar. In the course of investigation, 2 involved accused persons were arrested in a joint operation launched by Crime Branch, Paltanbazar Police and Dhemaji Police. This refers to Paltanbazar PS Case 459/16 U/S 120(B)/436/380/302/201 IPC.

On 13/06/2016 at about 9:30 PM a jewelry dealer of Bhaskar Nagar under Fatasil Ambari Police Station was reported to have been shot at by some unknown motorcycle borne miscreants in an attempt to loot him. The incident posed a difficult situation to the investigating agencies because neither the CCTV footages nor the persons present near the place of occurrence could provide any lead into the incident. The incident created quite a stir among the public of the locality. However, the City Police Crime Branch along with Fatasil Ambari police immediately geared up their intelligence network and within a couple of days successfully nabbed the involved accused persons and thus helped restore faith of the public on the ability of police. This refers to Fatasil Ambari PS Case No. 281/16 U/S 394/397 IPC R/W Sec. 25(1A)/27(2) Arms Act.

On 21/06/2016 on the basis of an actionable input regarding movement of drugs from Dimapur to Guwahati, a quick action plan was put in place by the City Police Crime Branch ably assisted by Dispur Police. Then acting on a further tip off, a Mahindra Bolero (NL-02C-4921) was searched and a substantial 750 grams of Heroin was recovered from the possession of two drug peddlers hailing from Nagaland and Manipur. This refers to Dispur PS Case No.1487/16 U/S 21(c)/29 NDPS Act.

On 25/08/2016 at about 2.30 PM, a FIR was lodged by a desperate couple to the effect that their daughter, aged about 8 years, was taken away by their newly employed maid from their house located in Jayanagar, Guwahati on the pretext of buying her some snacks / ice-cream. This refers to Basistha PS Case No. 836/2016 U/S 364 (A) IPC. It is noteworthy to mention here that the complainant couple absolutely had no clue about the actual identity or address of the maid, who they had only recently employed. This presented a seemingly insurmountable challenge to police. However, a team of Crime Branch and Basistha PS immediately launched a massive search and rescue operation which spanned from the heart of City Guwahati to the fringes of Barpeta district involving a large number of police and public from across a number of districts and in less than twelve hours apprehended a total of 6 kidnappers and their accomplices from Khudrabori gaon under Sarthebari PS, Barpeta and recovered the victim girl unharmed. The Media, the Public and of course, the complainant couple showered huge praise on the City Police for this act of selfless dedication. To cap it all, the DGP, Assam, in recognition of their excellent performance, lost no time in commending the officers, personnel and the public with appropriate commendation Certificates

On 03.09.2016 two persons presented a BoI cheque at Bank of India, Udalbakra Branch amounting to Rs. 41, 51, 00, 111/- belonging to Mumbai Main Branch supposedly issued by MAH PRATHAMIK SHIKSHAN PARISHAD to be fraudulently deposited in the account of one A.K. Dutta. Further, 3 BoI cheques signed by Mr. Dutta were also presented for doing RTGs in two different accounts in Guwahati. Later on, it was found that the cheques were fraudulently acquired. This refers to Dispur PS Case No. 2147/16 U/S 120(B)/468/420/406/511 IPC.

On the similar line another case was lodged on 06/09/2016 in which a BoI cheque amounting to Rs. Rs. 19, 40, 31,000/- belonging to Mumbai Main Branch, issued by MAH PRATHAMIK SHIKSHAN PARISHAD was presented at Bank of India, Panbazar Head Office to be fraudulently withdrawn from the account of one A.K. Sharma. This refers to Panbazar Case No. 385/16 U/S 120 (B)/ 420/ 406/ 468/ 471 IPC. On the basis of information and cooperation of Bank officials, the Crime Branch was able to nab the fraudsters in both the cases and prevented more than Rs. 60 Crore belonging to Govt of Maharashtra from being siphoned off. For this act, the Bank of India felicitated the Crime Branch for the good work done.

On 06.10.2016, the complainant lodged FIR stating that one accused hailing from Ludhiana, Punjab lured his wife and took her away to Delhi on 24th September. The Crime Branch along with Fatasil Ambari Police was then entrusted to recover the lady as there was a serious apprehension of her being trafficked. The Police team moved to Punjab and secured all the support of Punjab Police and apprehended the accused and recovered the victim lady. This refers to Fatasil Ambari PS Case No. 449/16 U/S 120(B)/366 IPC.

On 11.10.2016, an understandably agitated complainant lodged his FIR stating that on the previous night some unknown culprits had entered into the house of the complainant's younger brother (a Govt. Servant) and had stolen away his licensed Webley & Scott .32 Bore Revolver and cash worth Rs. 50,000/- gauging the absence of the house owner from a large number of newspapers lying on the verandah. Such theft of weapons always has far reaching consequences in so far as public security and safety are concerned. It was no different in this case too. In a city teeming with thousands of floating population, with no actionable input to go by, even the hardcore police officers started having doubts about tracking the stolen weapon. But consistency, persistency, discipline and focus have no alternative. With little lead at their disposal, the Crime Branch had only one option left- the proven traditional policing, in other words; spreading wide and deep their Intel grid. As luck would have it, after a long haul, the never-say-die officers of the Crime Branch finally stumbled upon a lead and not only apprehended the accused but more importantly, recovered the stolen weapon along with the ammunitions from his hideout near Bhangagarh. Naturally, all the officers and men involved in the operation were highly commended by the Commissioner of Police, Guwahati for what would have generally been a near impossible task given the circumstances. This refers to Chandmari P.S. Case No. 744/2016 U/S 457/380 IPC.

On 12.11.2016, following a specific tip off, a male and a female, both from Nagaland, were swiftly apprehended at Naga Hotel near Apsara Cinema Hall, Manipuri Basti under Paltanbazar Police Station and one small arm with ammunition were recovered from their possession. This refers to Paltanbazar P.S. Case No. 948/16 U/S 25(1)(a) Arms Act.

On 14.11.2016, complainant (a Senior Govt. Employee) received an envelope containing a letter supposedly signed by I.K. Songbijit of NDFB demanding an amount of Rs.10,00,000/- (Rupees Ten Lakhs) only for their organisation. In what turned out to be an interesting turn of events, the Crime Branch was able to nab one G. Das of Chabua, Dibrugarh from near GNRC, Guwahati on 12/12/2016 who confessed that he resorted to such modus operandi of impersonation because it was an easy way to make huge sums of money. This refers to Paltanbazar Police Station Case No. 1015/2016 U/S 120(B)/387 IPC.

2 Dec 2015

Fatasil Ambari police successfully recovered eight stolen mobile hand sets and arrested one person.

2 Dec 2015

Bharalumukh police successfully recovered seven stolen mobile hand sets and one laptop and arrested one person.

2 Dec 2015

Sonapur police in a successful operation recovered the kidnapped driver and stolen vehicle from Meghalaya.

27 Nov 2015

Crime branch, Guwahati and Dispur police apprehended four culprits involved in murder with dacoity at Lutuma on 8.11.2015 and recovered the looted items.

13 Nov 2015

Hatigaon police in a successful operation,led by ACP Basistha,recovered 5 stolen laptops,15 mobile handsets and other valuables and apprehended four culprtits.

28 Oct 2015

Basistha police in a major C.I. OPS recovered 4000 gelatin sticks, 1000 detonators and 2050 electronic detonators in Basistha area.

21 Oct 2015

Crime branch, Guwahati achieved major success in recovering Rs. 1,60,50,000 stolen amount in the Brinks Arya theft case and was able to arrest six culprits involved in the crime within 12 hours.

19 Oct 2015

Fake currency amounting Rs. 2,03,500 was recovered by crime branch and Paltanbazar PS and arrested six persons.